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2011 Maui Chrysanthemum Festival

This is the 3rd year I've been asked to make a Japanese pop (Jpop) mix to be played during the dinner of the Maui Chrysanthemum Festival. Last year I was told to make it R&B and not anything jumpy. This year, I was told to have R&B and some obon type of music. I added a couple of obon/ethnic-sounding music, PLUS a surprise for the last song. I hope they like the selection I made. Good luck to the girls!

Zipped download of all the songs
Link to individual songs

01 SONOMI - Everyday
02 Jasmine - sad to say
03 Tohoshinki - Bolero
04 Sakai Noriko - Nori-P Ondo
05 the Indigo - Kimi no Melody
06 Matsushita Yuya - Naturally
07 SOULHEAD - Itsu Demo Kimi no Koto wo
08 Rin' - Fuhen
09 AAA - Get Chu!
10 Tawata Emi - Naturally
11 URATA NAOYA - anything about sex
12 Hamasaki Ayumi - sweet season
13 BENI - Anything Goes!!
14 Hitoto You - Morai Naki
15 DOUBLE - Tattoo
16 Nakashima Mika - Sakura Iro Mau Koro
17 MAX - Nirai Kanai

Sara Mari - Mirror Mirror ft. COMA-CHI


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Chrysanthemum Ball 2010 mix

I was asked to make a Jpop mix to be played at the Maui Chrysanthemum Ball dinner. Last year, I had no idea what the age group was, so I made mostly an enka mix, but apparently the age of the people who were going to the dinner are in high school (plus their parents) so I guess that did not go well since I was now told to keep it on the R&B side, but not anything "jumpy."

While most of the songs are on the poppy R&B side (I don't think straight up R&B would suit this type of crowd), I did add some ballads to so it didn't sound too alike. I also enlisted in the help of my Jpop karaoke friend Stacey to get ideas for songs to add because I wanted some variety. If I'm asked to make another mix next year, I'm going to refer to the long list of songs that she gave me.

So here's the list of the songs in order of how I made the CD:

Download songs individually
Download songs in a batch

[Note: If you're already a Jpop fan, you probably have all of these songs. Sorry.]

~ Aoyama Thelma ft. Soulja - Soba ni iru kara
****Click to watch video****
Aoyama Thelma info

This is Aoyama Thelma's debut song and it was a really popular hit for her. Unfortunately, I don't think that anything she released after that was that great. She's pretty much a one-hit wonder in my book.

"Soba ni iru ne" is a medium-paced song with a nice piano melody. Soulja's mellow rap gives a little edge to it.

~ Crystal Kay - Koi ni Ochitara
Crystal Kay info

Crystal Kay is a popular R&B pop singer. "Koi ni Ochitara" is a catchy pop song from the Japanese drama of the same title.

~ Utada Hikaru - Goodbye Happiness
Utada Hikaru info

"Goodbye Happiness" is the latest single from Jpop superstar Utada Hikaru. The song is pretty good, but what probably made me like it a lot is the video itself. It's cute, amusing, and is very much like a fan-made video, but directed & starred by the artist herself. There are many references to her previous videos (my favorite is the "Automatic" yellow chair part) and some other things (Kuma Chang mask!), so her fans will definitely get a kick out of this. Even if you aren't familiar with her, just watching this video will bring a smile to ones face.

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Song update (July 2008)

Hi! Everybody remember me? I'm that Jpop lyrics webmistress who is currently slacking on her site and also this journal. I blame the addiction that is Japanese and Korean dramas.

Recently, I have been inspired to update my music journal, the reason I will get to in a bit and hopefully I'll keep this up for a while. I'm going to post only a few songs at a time and they will probably won't be the latest singles or albums because there are many places that already do that. Instead, I wanted to focus on songs that I like or ones that I feel are noteworthy in some way or another and wanted to share with people. I also have to mention that I won't be as snarky as I was in the past unless I find something on my iPod to bash.

As usual, no requests for uploads because I don't have time for that. Also, no requests at all, please. I've been too busy to do anything these days.

~ Instructions on downloading: Right click, save as
~ Sorry for the names of the files. I didn't feel like zipping them, but maybe I should have just to save everyone the hassle of renaming them. Oh well, maybe next week.
~ If there are any downloading problems, please let me know
~ As usual, comments are appreciated. ^_^

So without further ado, I give you the songs:

Hirose Kohmi - Groovy! (DL)

As I wrote in my personal LJ, this is the song that made me want to start up this song journal again. I was driving home the other night and this song just happened to play on my iPod and I just got hit with so many memories of mp3 download sites like the one I got the original mp3 from. Those type of sites had descriptions of the songs and rated them too, instead of all the random download sites that upload stuff in bulk. I'm not saying that that's a bad thing, but I remember treasuring songs when there were only a few to download and you had time to appreciate them.

"Groovy!" is from the Cardcaptor Sakura anime, which I have never seen, but I had to get this song because of the description of this song on that initial download site. This song is a happy pop song (hey, it's from an anime, what do you expect?), and just a great song overall. Kohmi's vocals are top-notch, and while it does get a little high in some areas, it's still wonderful. Only complaint I have about this song is the ending where she sings "Yasashiku~~~ narimashou~~~~...," it just loses the momentum of the rest of the song and it slightly drags and leaves me with an empty feeling. Still, I highly-recommend this one.

Rating: 10/10

PUSHIM - anything for you (DL) (lyrics)

Whenever I tell someone that I listen to Japanese music, they give me a weird look. Then I explain that there is rock, pop, R&B, rap, reggae, etc. and they go, "Reggae??!!??" To that response, I always play this song by PUSHIM. The song is just an awesome mellow reggae song that you can just relax to. I recommend listening to it loud so you can feel the essence of it. Plus PUSHIM's rich, soulful voice just sounds great in this one and everyone just drops their jaws upon hearing this.

Rating: 10/10

Kimura Yoshino - SPEED UP LOVE (DL)

I remember watching Pop Jam or Hey!3 back in the 90's and remembered some actress singing a song on the program. Her voice was off-key and it was very cringe-worthy. At first, I thought it was Matsuyuki Yasuko, but then I remembered that her "Ai no Sekai" song was pretty decent.

Skip to a few years ago when I was ebaying. I came across Kimura Yoshino's greatest hits CD and since I love her in Japanese dramas, I just got it for the hell of it. Plus it was cheap. When I popped it in the CD player, I was overcome with THE awful voice. It was her!! Awesomeness. Out of about 12 songs, I could only tolerate 2 of them. This was one of the songs.

"SPEED UP LOVE" is a very Tetsuya Komuro-esque song. The music was written by Cozy Kubo, who is a TK collaborator, which explains it. The song is upbeat and fun and Yoshino's awful voice actually sounds tolerable in it. Reminds me a lot of hitomi.

Rating: 8/10

indigo blue - Magnolia (DL) (lyrics)

Whenever I'm feeling like crap, I really love listening to this song. The song sounds country-ish and the lyrics are all in English, but don't let that deter you from downloading it because it's a really great feel-good song and I love it so. So much, in fact, I remember replaying it over and over at one point. In fact, this is THE #1 played song on my iPod. Hmmm...I'm not sure what that says about me.

Anyway, the singer reminds me of Fayray with her sultry voice, yet indigo blue's songs are more on the acoustic pop side.

Rating: 10/10

G.RINA - Circus No Musume (Manaita No Koi Mix) (DL)

I couldn't decide between this song or "Your and my new watch," but since the latter is in English and I already have an English song on the post, I thought that I'd go with this one. This song is quite cute and playful and almost has an almost Hawaiian feel to it. With at least 2x the speed of a Hawaiian song. G.RINA's voice is really nice and complements the song well. I plan to add more of her songs in the future, so please check out my journal every week or so. :)


If I've added any of these songs in the past, please bear with me because I honestly can't remember what I had uploaded before.

I will only have these files up for a week or until my next update
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Yay, song update! ^__^

I figured before the links get deleted and people get bored by the large gap between updates, I should just post what I already have. I am also planning to add some mini album reviews and downloads later on.

Comments are appreciated and actually are the incentive for me to update this journal, so please comment away! :)

I will not re-up the songs because I usually delete them from my computer as soon as I up them.

The songs:

Arashiro Beni - Surrender
BENNIE K - Joy Trip
BoA - Candle Lights
CHEMISTRY - Christmas Rose
Fayray - Hitori Yori Futari
Foxxi misQ - Tha F.Q's Style feat.JiN
Kamiki Aya - Nemutte ita Kimochi Nemutte ita Kokoro
m-flo loves Bonnie Pink - Love Song
melody. - Our Journey
misono - TOMORROW
My Little Lover - Inspiration
Salyu - Ikitai Tokoro
Salyu - Soukyokusen
Takahashi Hitomi - Ko.Mo.Re.Bi
Uemura Kana - Kami Hikouki
YA-KYIM - I'm proud I'm me
Yaida Hitomi - Tea-time

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Sifow - Clarity album up

Sorry for the lack of updates. I ripped Sifow's Clarity album for a friend, so I thought that I'd share it here as well. For those of you who enjoy Tamaki Nami's anime-ish/technoish crap, you'll probably enjoy this. For those who dislike that type of music (like me), stay far away. Defo one of the few albums that I regret buying. Blah.

Sifow - Clarity album (128 kbps)
Clarity album lyrics

And is it me or does this LJ layout suck. I really need to take the time to look for a better one.
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Arashiro Beni luv! ....not.

Omg, I can not express enough how much I can't stand Arashiro Beni. Lastest Beni bitch? Her new PV "How Are U?" While it's described as "R&B," it is anything but that. More like a diabetic's nightmare of a pop tune, candy-coated as R&B. Sure, to an idiot, the beat could be thought of as "R&B," but this song is way too cheerful and very grade-school. ...OMG, did she just say "my homie" at 1:51??? Woo, you ghetto, girl!

And don't get me started on her clothes. She looks like a ghetto cowgirl in one scene and in the fur vest scene, her hair is absolutely awful. I swear that thing looks like a wig! Not to mention this girl makes me want to smack her in the face whenever I see her dopey grin or that stupid smirk. Oh no. I have never mentioned this fact before at all! ^_~ As for the dancing, it can be best described as ass-swaying, junior-high moves. Yes, obviously an 8th grader choreographed this video.

All in all, I'd watch this video for a good laugh. Poor Beni. Will she ever get a break? Will she ever grow out of this cheesy image that she seems to have? At this rate, I have high doubts.

(Other Beni references: my review on her Girl 2 Lady album.)

And don't worry, I haven't abandoned this LJ. A song update will be updated within the week if time permits.
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July 31st song update!

Hello minna,

I added another bunch of songs and mini reviews. Please be sure to get the songs asap because the links will probably last only about a week or so after no activity.

Please note that I will not re-upload the songs because as soon as I upload them, I delete them from my computer to make room for other songs.


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New song reviews ^__^

Hey minna,

As I promised, I added some songs and reviews. To save time, I decided not to make very long reviews as I have in the past. I'll probably only do the individual song reviews for albums if I really, really hate or love an album. Or if I'm in the mood to do so.

Enjoy the songs and please comment if you download. I like getting feedback on the songs and my little reviews. ^_^


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